Catching a notorious stalker tormenting women online

Jess recounts her terrifying experience of being deceived by a catfisher who pretended to be actor Lincoln Lewis. Despite changing her phone number and moving houses, the stalking continued, even escalating to threats against her daughter. With the help of the police, she was able to trace the stalker and discovered that the person behind the catfishing was a woman named Lydia Abdul Malik. Malik was eventually caught and charged with multiple crimes, but she is currently appealing her conviction. Jess hopes that her story will serve as a reminder of the devastation caused by online stalking and catfishing.

we learn about the chilling story of Jess, a flight attendant who innocently met Australian actor Lincoln Lewis on a plane, unknowingly setting into motion a decade-long case of stalking and harassment. After their encounter, someone with a twisted mind assumed Lincoln Lewis's identity and started stalking Jess and other victims online. This catfishing case is described as Australia's worst ever, and Jess shares her extraordinary story of how she was deceived and lured into a world of lies by an evil predator. Despite the skepticism of others, Jess explains the difficulty of escaping this nightmare and how a simple act of following her heart led to devastating consequences.

 Jess recounts her experience of being deceived by a catfisher online. Despite having doubts about her supposed boyfriend Lincoln Lewis, she was swayed by his excuses and the photos he sent. She even had a Skype call with him, unaware that the person on the other end was using software to imitate Lincoln’s voice. Eventually, the real Lincoln Lewis turned up in Queensland, exposing the deception. Jess confronted the catfisher and eventually got in touch with the real Lincoln, who confirmed that he was not involved. Jess realizes the extent of the lies she had believed and expresses her disgust towards the catfisher's cruel and vindictive actions.

Jess, a single mother and flight attendant, shares her experience of being deceived by a catfisher who pretended to be actor Lincoln Lewis. When she tried to end the fake relationship, the torment only escalated. Despite changing her phone number and moving houses, the catfisher continued to stalk her relentlessly. Jess's breaking point came when she received a barrage of threatening messages about her daughter. Desperate for evidence, she cooperated with the police and secretly recorded her calls with the catfisher. Eventually, they were able to trace the stalker through bank receipts and CCTV footage. However, the biggest shock came when Jess met with detectives and found out that the person behind the catfishing was actually a woman named Lydia Abdul Malik. The revelation left Jess feeling disgusted and sickened.

 it is revealed that Lydia Abdul Malik, a notorious stalker tormenting women online, was finally caught and charged with multiple crimes. She had deceived her victims using fake personas and targeted them with threats and abuse. One of her victims, Emma, tragically took her own life after enduring sustained psychological and sexual abuse. After a drawn-out trial, Abdul Malik was found guilty and sentenced to jail. However, she lodged an appeal shortly after being found guilty and was freed on bail, causing further suffering to her victims.

it is discussed that Lydia Abdul Malik, Australia's worst catfisher, tormented her victims for years. Psychologist Dr. Alan Underwood believes that Abdul Malik's behavior stems from a sense of resentment and a desire to assert control and power. The victims were subjected to constant harassment and threats, causing significant harm to their sense of security and well-being. The difficulty in policing these crimes often leads offenders to believe they won't be caught. However, the Australian Federal Police, together with diligent detective work, were able to identify and convict Abdul Malik, sentencing her to four years in prison. The judge emphasized the need to severely punish those who engage in such behavior and cause devastating effects on their victims.

 Jess reflects on the satisfaction she felt when her stalker was finally brought to justice and sentenced to jail. She feels strong, brave, and proud that she and her friend Emma were able to see this person punished for the torment they inflicted upon them. Despite the relief of seeing the stalker imprisoned, Jess still struggles with trust and blames herself for what happened. She wants the community, including the stalker's family, to be aware of the type of person she is and the devastation she caused. Jess hopes that people will remember her story even after the stalker is released from prison.

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